Shoshone County Courts

Magistrate Court – 2nd Floor Courthouse 
Magistrate judges have jurisdiction to hear infractions, misdemeanors, felony preliminary hearings, probates, guardianships, conservatorships, divorces, adoptions, termination of parental rights cases, habeas corpus cases, juvenile cases, and civil cases in which the amount of money in dispute does not exceed $10,000.

Most commonly, magistrate judges are assigned to hear all types of cases that are authorized to be filed in the magistrate division of the district court.

The number of judges to serve in each of the seven judicial districts and their salaries are determined by the Idaho Legislature. Idaho magistrate judges are appointed by the District Magistrates Commission of the Judicial District for which they will serve.


Public Questionnaire on Qualification of Applicants for Appointment as Magistrate Judge of the First Judicial District, Shoshone County.

Keisha Oxendine

Magistrate Judge

Phone: 208-752-1266

District Court – 3rd Floor Courthouse 
The District Court has original jurisdiction in all cases and proceedings. Certain types of civil cases and serious criminal cases must be tried in the District Court. Other civil (involving litigation under $10,000 and criminal misdemeanor proceedings) are assigned to the Magistrate’s Division of the District Court, whose decisions may be appealed to the District Court. The District Court is also responsible for judicial review “of any act, order or proceeding” made by the Shoshone County Commissioners that aggrieves any person (Idaho Code § 31-1509). Decisions of the District Court may be appealed to the Supreme Court (Article, Section 9). All fines and tickets are paid in the District Court office or you can pay court fees on the link below.




Barbara Duggan

District Judge

Phone: (208) 752-1266