SHOSHONE COUNTY COURTHOUSE – Effective November 9, 2020


In light of Governor Little’s emergency declaration and the Order of the Idaho Supreme Court issued on March 13, 2020, and recommendations of Public Health Officials both State and Federal, Shoshone County declared an emergency pursuant to its emergency powers outlined in Idaho Code 46-1011 and all relevant sections of Idaho Code.  The emergency declaration allows County officials and related emergency personnel to activate additional resources and communication measures to ensure the public is regularly informed.

And, more recently with the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Stay Healthy Order, Stage 3 issued on October 27, 2020 and the local public health district’s category of transmission level “Red” designation for Shoshone County, the Board of County Commissioners and other elected officials desire to be proactive and help minimize the spread of this virus and encourage others within our community to do the same.

At this time, an Emergency Action Plan is being implemented in order to minimize non-essential government functions and in-person interaction among the County departments.  Based upon the emergency action plan, the following non-essential services will be suspended until further notice:

*Driver’s Licensing and Motor Vehicle Services (in-person)
*Notary Services
*Jail visitation
*Jury Duty

County Elected Officials will regularly monitor the situation and meet on a regular basis to discuss emergency plan implementation measures as matters develop. Anyone who meets high risk criteria pursuant to the recommendations of Panhandle Health District and the CDC will have limited access to the Shoshone County Courthouse and related public buildings.  Members of the public are encouraged to use telephone or other electronic communications to contact County offices.  The County will take all necessary steps to assist in providing options for the public to deliver documents and address other matters that require in-person processing.

Additional notifications will be made as the situation changes.

The County is encouraging use of mail, and ID Parks & Recreation online website to register boats, OHV’s, motorbikes, and snowmobiles at: and vehicle registrations can be completed online at:

  •         Assessor – (208) 752-1202 
  • Board of County Commissioners – (208) 752-3331
  • District Court/Magistrate – (208) 752-1266 
  • Drivers License – (208) 556-0654 
  • Elections – (208) 752-1264
  • Emergency – 911
  • Indigent Services – (208) 752-8601                      
  • Motor Vehicle – (208) 752-1201
  • Planning & Zoning – (208) 752-8891 
  • Probation Services – (208) 556-7861
  • Prosecuting Attorney – (208) 752-1106 
  • Public Works – (208) 753-5475 
  • Recorder – (208) 752-1264
  • Sheriff’s Department – (208) 556-1114
  • Treasurer/Tax Collector – (208) 752-1261
  •         Veteran Services – (208) 752-1264                                                                                     


  Miscellaneous Information